Pt. 2 Asylum Hoax, Violent Migrants Get UN Permits To Make Way To The US

Citizens in Mexico and the United States are sharing in the same misery caused by illegal invaders coming into Mexico with their sights on getting to the United States of America.

For some reason, it feels like both countries are helpless to do anything- and according to one independent Mexican reporter, who has studied the global immigration agenda, both countries may be victims of the same United Nations that forces countries to assist migrants seeking ‘Asylum’ and not turn them away.

The problem is that every criminal, freeloader, the enemy of America and Mexico and troublemaker is now- with the help of leftist nonprofits- claiming to be seeking Asylum- even when it is a lie, exploiting both countries and destroying resources to deal with the mass migration.

“It is getting very rowdy down there, Mexico is collapsing before our eyes,” Steve Bannon said on Thursday to his Mexico correspondent Oscar El Blue Ramirez of Border Network News and Real America’s Voice.

Part One of this series

In Part 2 , On Friday, Ramirez reported and updated his followers on the situation in Mexico that he started the week out talking about in the War Room.

By Friday, violent illegal migrants had blocked Mexican roads, forcing a transit stoppage, for 24 hours while mobs of violent migrants threatened law enforcement, bullied their way past Mexican security points, and demanded they be given permits to make their way to the United States of America by the Mexican government.

Example of the level of hostility of the migrant mob:

On Friday, Ramirez explained that the hostility of mob, which was pre-planned, worked and they got what they wanted- showing footage of Truckers moving who had been locked down by the same migrants blocking the roads, reporting that the migrants would be given the assistance they demanded.

Ramirez, from a family of migrants, has a unique understanding of how Mexico and the United States got into this immigration mess we are in, and he shared the details of what he knows on Wednesday with Steve Bannon and the War Room audience.

Ramirez points out- the problem- it’s the UN.

These are the same details that I spoke with Ramirez in Oct 2021, about the actions of the United Nations that were causing such problems for Mexico and the US:


On Tuesday, Bannon and Ramirez discussed the situation.

BANNON: “Oscar El Blue Ramirez is Real America’s voice, Intrepid, courageous, and brave reporter. Things there are getting scarier and scarier for the Mexican people. Tell our audience what’s going on.

RAMIREZ: Today, more than 3,000 migrants blocked the International Court of customs and the authorities on borders of exportation and importation.

The Mexican government can not handle the mo So theyey rushed to the National Gaurd and blocked the streets. Law enforcement is afraid for their lives and the migrants are interfering with transit.

It is next to the installations of regulations for documents where the migrants block these entrances.

And the chief commander of the National Guard, the search came out and said we’re not scared of you. If you’re going to keep blocking this, we have been trained to be awake for more than 24 hours, and are training for punishment.

BANNON: This is about a treaty Mexico signed? There is supposed to be a process. Why is it so out of control? How do authorities who are protecting the people of Mexico? This is the 16th caravan with the most fighting-aged men.

RAMIREZ: They don’t have control, which is the consequence of an open border. Organized Crime has control of everything, and this is because of America’s open borders. Ultimately our president is not doing anything about this. Even our media is telling him that we need a Controlled flow and a documented process because there are a lot of bad people coming through with no filter. This group is full of agitators, and they have damaged this country and our sovereignty.

They have stepped over our law and order and harmed our National Gaurd. The United National were here, and the migrants are being violent, and the military was here to tell the mob to move fast through here.

It is packed, and it’s a complete disaster. This is what open borders will do to a Border Town in a country, open borders and the open border agenda. The open border policies by Joe Biden. Is this is all Joe Biden, sir. This is all the fault of the Democratic policies, how they are affecting not only our country of Mexico, Penn Central and South America circles. 



On Wednesday, they discussed the situation and the consequences for the Mexican people.

BANNON: Oscar for our audience. Why is it that the Federales and the National Guard can’t protect the Mexican people? I mean, these are the poorest essentially; why are they let this danger metastasize because there is anarchy and chaos by these migrants coming up through Central America, and then really every country worldwide?

RAMIREZ: It is the globalist agenda; we are under the United Nations; the United Nations basically commands us and tells us that we cannot touch, we cannot push, we cannot violate the humanitarian rights of migrants who are asking for Asylum or refugees in our country. Not only that, sir, the International Commission of Humanitarian Rights arrives and tells the officials and also tells our authorities that we cannot touch these migrants.

The only thing that they can do is to bend the knee and give them what they want.

That is the permit that they want, sir.

There are more agitators here now than ever before, people today are running away from their convictions in their countries. But also, you have more than 600 children, and they are waiting right here in precarious situations.

BANNON: Oscar, are you telling me that because of the way they define the UN and the NGO groups and all these migrants is that they actually have more rights- and their rights supersede Mexican citizens in the country of Mexico and particularly these towns?

RAMIREZ: Yes sir. Absolutely. That is what has been happening in the past and I believe now that we’re into this global compact on migration. We have a humongous problem in our country. So with insecurities, as I have said before, we’re number one for cartel, activity number two for trafficking of humans and number three for killing some women in the whole world sir.

BANNON: Mexico is collapsing before our eyes.


Ramirez and his news partner Anthony Aguero, another Real America’s Voice, published some live footage, from Thursday and Friday , of the unfolding crisis as it happened:

The final action on Friday was that the illegals were allowed to get their permits and transit was moving ahead.

For more information on the United Nations and their immigration compacts that are hamstringing law enforcement in both Mexico and the United States:

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