Raynard Jackson: ‘Focus on Black Entrepreneurs to Build Lasting Momentum in Republican Party’

Recent polling shows that up to 49% of Black American men are talking about supporting President Donald J. Trump in 2024, and that is historic- but there is always room for improvement with some of the most natural allies for America First policies that Trump is running upon. That voter momentum has long been the dream of Black patriot Conservatives like Raynard Jackson and Royce White, who recently did a podcast together, because they both hate to see what liberalism has done to destroy America, especially in the Black Community and especially to business people.

An Entrepreneur is a creature of economic value. Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of economic value in ways that generally entail beyond the minimal amount of risk, and potentially involve values besides simply economic ones. The Black community is full of entrepreneur-minded people, according to both Jackson and White.

“Not that we’re condoning it, but look at the drug racket instead of Marxism. Marxism liberalism at the public school. How can you condemn a man who turns to the drug racket and says, you know what, I’d rather risk going to jail and dying then take the stagnation, the political and economic and cultural domination that’s offered to me at the Marxist liberal public school?,” Royce White, host of the “Call Me Crazy” podcast, said to Jackson, highlighting a profound concept of what has been happening in the Black community for decades.

“I’m starting to be a fan of all these guys who dropped out. I’m starting to be a fan of these guys. I’m just saying they are entrepreneurial. Christian and they believe in gender roles. These people are your conservatives. You know, I’ve always been, and they’ve always been, the leaders of your communities,” White added, agreeing with Jackson’s point of view.

Jackson described himself as a nationalist-populist who is critical of giving tax money to illegal immigrants because of the unfairness to the Black Community, like what is unfolding in epic scenes in Chicago.

Jackson, a long-time political strategist and Chairman of Black Americans with a Better Future and Raynard Jackson Associates appeared on the “Call Me Crazy” podcast with White for a conversation on the growing interest in the Republican Party for the Black Community- because, as White said, Blacks are natural patriots and entrepreneurs.


Jackson wants the Republican party and Conservatives to reach out to the businessmen and women he works with and talk about Free Enterprise and business at a professional level. He has gotten a lot of anger from people for his opinion that people prefer to be “entertained” by social media influencers instead.

Jackson’s point is that Conservative leadership ignores Black Voices and prioritizes “shiny objects over meaningful relationships.”

“The more I think about this issue, the more I concluded that I think it has less to do with race or racism, more so is natural for a human to gravitate towards that towards that which he’s familiar with, which indicates that most conservative in leadership and in powerful positions then I used to be around people like me, you and then with those who reach out of that comfort zone,” Jackson told White, adding: ” They go out to the Candace Owens types and have that people tell them what they want them to hear versus what they need to hear. So people like you and I are considered controversial because we’re not going to bite our tongue about what needs to happen.”

Jackson says that political outreach into the Black communities is focused on entertainers and not entrepreneurs because entertainers are more comfortable, so he wants to see Black Americans in leadership roles so they can feel comfortable reaching out to the business people he feels are not represented well enough.

“I’m talking about all of our conservatives, not only entertainers but, in my case, more importantly, their business. They care about tech. They care about the quality of their local school system, but whether they send their kids to private or public schools is not the point. The point is they have a vested interest. They’re tied to the community. They care about the crime rate because they hire people from the hood, and they’re worried about getting from the car to the office or when they’re out in the field doing their thing,” Jackson told White, going on about the importance of Conservatives to embrace the Black American businessperson.

“And so you have a natural ally, and if you look at the composition of the Black church, that’s usually the Chairman of the deacon board and Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the back Black entrepreneur. So if you get the entrepreneur on your side, he’ll bring you the pastor who will bring you the congregation.”

White, a former NBA Player who is running for Congress- looking to unseat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota, had a sometimes animated conversation with Jackson, who is known for some controversial thoughts about how Black Americans should be treated in the Republican party; Jackson has asserted for a long time that they should be treated like small business owners.


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