Sell-Outs Of The American Republic: Kevin McCarthy to the CCP, Details of How to Stop it

A recent interview by Chanel Rion for One American News Network (OANN) with whistleblower Brian Costello exposed the relationship between a company called Sequoia Capital, the Chinese Communist Party, and the US House of Representatives and gave his opinion on what could stop ‘Sell Outs’ in power in DC from doing more damage to the American Republic.

“Enforce our laws. If the SEC and the Biden administration went after Neil Shien for alleged capital market violations, if they went after him for misrepresentations, it is a Title 18 corporate espionage violation. It would stop others,” Costello told OANN.


Costello, in the OANN interview, exposed the working relationship that tied all the parties in this messy mix together and hinted that it was the Biden administration who was allowing the corrupt relationships between the Communist powers and our leadership in Washington DC by saying a simple solution to the problem is to enforce the laws that prevent sell-outs from damaging our Republic.

So it is both Republicans and Democrats who are the problem, and Costello named- names: US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

In the interview, Costello explains Sequoia Capital’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the CCP’s influence in DC, and Sequoia’s role in influencing our elected civil servants. He also talks about Venture funds and investment returns, China’s economic influence, and how that impacts US Laws.



Partial transcript and unofficial- of the more extended interview between Brian Costello and Chanel Rion:

RION 0:02
The House Select Committee on the CCP is one month into its inquiry into Sequoia Capital, artificial intelligence, and military technology companies. Still, financial experts are saying the investigation must go one step deeper.

About one month ago, the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party launched an inquiry into Sequoia Capital and Sequoia Capital China. Specifically, Chairman Mike Gallagher asked for more information regarding Sequoia Capital China’s publicly known investments in Chinese companies, many of which focus on artificial intelligence and military technology.

One of the CCP’s top priorities is access to American innovation and intellectual property. International financial expert Brian Costello has been blowing the whistle on Sequoia Capital for years. Neil Shen runs Sequoia Capital China arm and has well-documented ties to the CC, P serving on the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference until early this year.

Costello alleges not only is Sequoia Capital compromised by the CCP, but Costello claims they are lining the pockets of both Republicans and Democrats in Washington, DC. Well, former House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunez launched an inquiry into sequoias dealings with the CCP in 2021.

The company neglected to respond, and then Costello says Sequoia began to donate significantly to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who he says promptly had the investigation stonewalled.

Brian, there was an ongoing House Intelligence investigation into this. I think Congressman Devin Nunez spearheaded this. What happened to that investigation?

Costello 1:55
When Nunez left, Mike Turner was put in as the ranking member and eventually became the Chair. The same investigative team that was working on the Russia hoax that many people don’t know the names of because they’re not in the media. American heroes ran this tiny investigation looking at how China influenced DC, so much research was shut down.

There were over 40 firms that went to ask how the CCP was influencing them to be voluntary because Nunez didn’t have the gavel. The only firm not to respond to the 40 was Sequoia Capital. And actually, they responded to Chanel with donations to McCarthy. McCarthy put Turner in place.

The investigation was shut down. The entire staff who did the Russia hoax investigation, who is now looking at this Chinese, was let go despite representations from Turner and McCarthy to Nunez that the team wouldn’t be let go. And then you know it was all buried Sequoia Doug Leone from Sequoia became one of McCarthy’s top donors. The other thing your viewers need to understand is beside the direct donations for the principles of Sequoia; they invest in companies in their portfolio companies, including things like FTX. They were the largest investor in FTX.

And Sam Bankman Fried from FTX was also invested in Sequoia as funds. So their portfolio companies Ken Griffin from Citadel was one of the top GOP donors and was back in DeSantis is a Sequoia portfolio company. They invested in his company, so their power to get their network and support buyinglfeasance in Washington related to China is mighty. Congressman

Rion 3:31
Gallagher is concerned that significant amounts of US dollars will continue to capitalize on these very problematic companies tied to the Chinese Communist Party, thereby empowering the Chinese Communist Party. He says that US investors remain the single largest source of capital for Sequoia Capital China, about 50%. Is that that track? Is that tracking with what you know?

Costello 4:01
Yes. So the investors in these funds, right, what people need to understand these venture funds, it’s not it’s some of it’s the partner’s money at the funds. Still, it’s these university endowments, it’s high net worth offices, it’s its families, it’s an asset class for the wealthy, right to make alternative investments and get huge returns, right? So, when people look at investing in a venture fund, they do not want 10% of their money back. They’re looking for 10 to 20 times their money back, right?

So if you put a million dollars in over the next five to 10 years, you’re looking for a 10 to $20 million back. Right. So the Biden administration, by just warning Shen, he’s now actually changed the company’s name from Sequoia Capital, or they’re going through a change process to Han Shan, and he’s launching investments directly in the US and artificial intelligence.

So, the Biden administration has led the monster out of the lab, not confronting him. The elite can still invest in aligning with China and not facing the crimes. They’re enabling the Chinese Communist Party to invest in what will be trillions of dollars worth of companies competing with the US and sensitive areas that also have military ramifications. It

Rion 5:19 It seems like the price of success in communist China is to be involved in the Communist Party. They’re considering the scale by which we operate with China as a trading partner. It seems like it’s inevitable that there would be this crossover this infiltration.

As you say, there are Chinese Communist Party individuals who are very successful there, and the only way they’re successful is because they’re involved in the United States financial world. How do you get around that, considering China does not seem like it’s going to do away with the Communist Party anytime soon?

Costello 6:01
It’s a super complex question, but there’s an easy answer. Enforce our laws. Right. If if, if, you know, the SEC and the Biden administration went after Shannon for what we alleged were her capital market violations, if they went after him for the misrepresentations of Is it a title 18 corporate espionage violation if a member of the Chinese government if we enforce our laws, right, it prevents other people from doing this.

And we don’t enforce our laws. They want to create a new agency now, burden the taxpayer, and say we need to regulate outbound investment. I know this is shocking. I don’t think we have to control investment. I need to believe we enforce our laws, and if we enforce our laws, the market will clear that we live in the best system in the world. Right? But we need to operate that system. We don’t cover up crimes for foreign countries because they make political donations. So the answer is simple. Enforce our laws.

Rion 6:59
Brian Costello and illuminating conversation. Thank you so much for your time.

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