Crazy GEOPOLITICS Shows we need to Decouple from CCP or Die, We are not the World

Globalism is a real problem that we do not deserve in the United States, and it is about time voters demand that the elite powermongers in Washington DC protect us and not their crony investments in the Global Economy that does nothing to help us- but get us more debt for our part in building a vast ONE world government.

A report from Tuesday blows the warning bell- it is time for America to take care of ourselves and our people FIRST.

Everywhere we look now, it appears that greedy politicians are stealing the American Republic away from us and forcing us to be like the rest of the world- and the majority of Americans do not want that.


That is what this is about:

Unless you are the kind of person who gives up.

The rest of us have a plan to fight this thing to the end.

That is what this is about:

Check out this report below, and consider why we need to decouple from the CCP right now- and we need people who will not take the bribes.. and go to the dinner parties of the Usurpers.

That is what this is about:


Geopolitical: Risks Are Major Economic 2024 Threat
In 2024, geopolitical risks are expected to be the predominant threat to the global economic landscape amidst escalating large-scale conflicts and a series of crucial elections in key world nations.
Financial institutions worldwide, as they plan for the next year’s investment climate, are bracing for a more tense geopolitical environment and increasing regional disparities. This anticipated scenario is likely to exacerbate market unpredictability and uncertainty.
A survey conducted by Oxford Economics, which included 130 businesses, revealed significant concerns about global economic risks. Nearly 40% of the respondents identified the conflict between Israel and Hamas as a very significant threat for the next couple of years.
Source: FreePik
Concerns are equally strong regarding tensions between China, Taiwan, Russia, and NATO. The survey highlighted that geopolitical tensions are the foremost concern for businesses in both the short and medium term. A notable 62% of businesses regarded geopolitical issues as a highly significant risk to the global economy.
In the 2024 investment outlook released on Monday, Goldman Sachs Asset Management highlighted that upcoming elections in various countries, including the U.S., U.K., South Africa, India, Taiwan, and Russia, will contribute to an array of potential shifts in the global economy’s trajectory.
🎯 GRIT TAKE: The global economy is so connected 

WHY are we in a Global Economy? We don’t need to be.

SO THIS is what we need to do:

Here is what we need to explain to Americans, the open borders is part of the plan:

So we know their plan…. now we need to separate from them and get better leadership to enforce our laws or get more of this:

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