The Left Hits The Panic Button on Illegal Invaders, But There are Many More to Come

It is unsurprising to everyone that the United States of America is being invaded by massive human migration, and the corporate media is finally being forced to acknowledge some very uncomfortable issues that they wanted to pretend not to see- or report on.

But the country is now in so much danger- and even leftists like New York City Mayor Eric Adams are sounding the panic button.

Stories last week showed an uprising in New York over an out-of-control illegal invasion in the biggest city.


Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting the disaster now that the country is under siege, as readers can see from their Thursday headline: “Migrants Overwhelm Texas City of Eagle Pass. Local officials declare emergency, ask for state and federal help as crossings rise from Mexico.”

What Ben Bergquam’s followers have known for a long time is that a disaster is headed our way and that the Democrat administration of Joe Biden is going to usher in massive amounts of illegal invaders into our country. It is all being done on purpose.

Bergquam has been reporting, for years for Real America’s Voice, on the left’s plan to use the United Nation’s Global Compact for Immigration to exploit humanitarian concerns and to bring the United States down to its knees.

Further, it is Bergquam’s reporting that shows the entire scheme is being organized by non-governmental organizations- staffed by friends of the left- to make money and to crush the Populist-Conservative movement that has been unfolding in the nation.

From Bergquam’s most recent reporting that confirms the WSJ story:

“After being processed at the final illegal migrant camp in Panama, Los Planes de Gualaca, buses load up and head to the border of Costa Rica. What was once a trickle has now become an invasion river with over 3000 people per day from this one camp alone because of Biden and the Democrat’s border invasion invitation. What we’re seeing in Eagle Pass, Texas, is just the beginning of what’s coming. This is phase 2, brought to you by the United Nations and the anti-American left. #BidenDidThis#TrumpWasRight “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News.”

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Bergquam’s associate, Oscar El Blue Ramirez, also from Real Amerca’s Voice, reported to the War Room about the trains that are driving the traffic to the Eagle Pass area, telling host Steve Bannon that ” Americans have no idea what is coming their way”:

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