Victory upon Victory: Laying the Foundation for Biden’s Impeachment, War Room Forcing New Life into America

The power of the War Room, with host Steve Bannon, is on public display this week with the looming government shutdown. The energy behind closing the doors to an out-of-control and disrespectful government is happening until spending is under control, and the power to make that happen comes from Bannon’s War Room audience. 

Even after years of massive usurpations by a greedy administrative state, the power of the American people to make DC jump when they know where to direct their energy is clear evidence that our system is not entirely defunct. 

Enter the people’s champion, Steve Bannon, a political insider who tells the people where to direct their furry over what the US government has become.  Bannon is harnessing the people’s authority over the government into what he calls a “forcing function.” 

It is clear that War Room has put the languishing American Republic on life support; HERE IS THE EVIDENCE THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE POWERFUL.

On Thursday, Bannon hosted Mike Howell from Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, who told Bannon that the “Department of Justice had evidence of Biden’s corrupt relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, all the way back to 2017.”  Howell can be found on X (Formerly Twitter): MHowellTweets

Howell pointed to details of the interactions between Hunter Biden and convicted criminal CCP member- Patrick Ho, which are all well-known to law enforcement and the Intel community. 

“Will this knowledge lead to a charge of bribery and treason against Biden?” Bannon asked Howell. 

That is a good question that the War Room Posse all to well- know the answer to…

“The system has folded in to protect Hunter Biden, so it should. So that is why we are suing the DOJ and putting out the memos about it all for the public at our site. We wanted to see a Church style committee, but we are not getting it. What they are doing is not working.  However, the American people are getting it and can force some change there,” Howell told Bannon.

See? What Howell wants to tap into is that ‘forcing function’,  that is what the War Room Posse have mastered very well. The word is out in DC about where to go for the fountain of political force. 

WATCH Bannon and Howell’s full Thursday interview:

Interestingly, Bannon hosted Howell on the same day that he had significant victories in directing the combined effort of his audience to stop Speaker Keven McCarthy (R-CA).

“Punchbowl — House Republicans failed for the second time this week to advance their Pentagon spending bill, another massive defeat for Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The vote on the rule for debate – a critical procedural hurdle – was 216-212. The defeat is another piece of evidence that House Republicans are not making much progress in terms of funding the government,” Grace Chong,  CFO of the War Room, reported earlier in the day on Thursday on her social media. 

The people did that. They forced that change.

Imagine if the War Room Posse could keep their focus on applying pressure through the Impeachment of Democrat Joe Biden.  

Does it make you remember: “You had the power all along my dear,” Wizzard of OZ. 

Will the people rise again? Time will tell. All the people may have needed was someone to remind them of what they are capable of achieving. 

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