Tony Bobulinski Testifies Joe Biden Enabled and Participated in Family’s Shady Business Deals

In his sworn testimony, Tony Bobulinski asserts that Democrat Joe Biden was central to the business dealings of the Biden family, particularly with a Chinese energy company linked to the Communist Party.

Bobulinski on Tuesday, accused Biden of being aware of these dealings and actively participating in and enabling them. He believes Biden has lied to the American public about his involvement.

Democrats, during Bobulinski’s testimony, reportedly displayed aggressive behavior, attempting to discredit him. The transcript of the testimony is promised for transparency regarding Biden’s alleged role and Democrats’ response to Bobulinski’s whistleblowing.

Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, has resurfaced in the spotlight over the past 24 hours, echoing statements he has made for years about the debauchery of the Biden crime family.

Bobulinski’s testimony before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees this week has reignited interest in his previous claims made in 2020 regarding Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s business affairs, particularly in China.

Republicans are slamming the Biden family connections with a top enemy of the United States.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) issued the following statement after the committee’s interview with Tony Bobulinski:

“Tony Bobulinski articulated under oath that Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ the Bidens sold to enrich the family. Joe Biden not only knew about his family’s dealings with a Chinese Communist Party linked energy company, but he also enabled them and participated in them.

Tony Bobulinski testified he believes Joe Biden committed wrongdoing and continues to lie to the American people about his participation in his family’s influence-peddling schemes.” 

“Mr. Bobulinski was unshakeable in his testimony today, providing facts Democrats didn’t want to hear. As such, Democrats put on a shameful display as they yelled at Mr. Bobulinski, cut him off, belittled him, and threatened him. It’s behavior that I’ve frankly never seen before in a transcribed interview.  We will soon release the transcript to provide the American people with transparency about Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s shady schemes and Democrats’ efforts to smear Mr. Bobulinski for blowing the whistle.”

Here is a brief timeline of Bobulinski’s statements:

In 2020:

In 2021:


Miranda Devine’s book “Laptop from Hell” alleges that Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and brother Jim Biden were involved in a business deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate called CEFC. Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and Democratic donor, was approached to manage this venture. In a meeting at the Beverly Hilton, Joe Biden met Bobulinski and expressed gratitude for his involvement. Bobulinski later incorporated SinoHawk Holdings LLC, with a contract indicating ownership split, including a share labeled “10 held by H for the big guy,” which Bobulinski claims refers to Joe Biden. The book suggests Joe Biden’s involvement in the deal, despite claims of plausible deniability, and emphasizes the secrecy surrounding his role.


During his recent testimony, Bobulinski reiterated his assertions about Joe Biden’s purported role in his son’s dealings and provided further details about a meeting with the Biden family in 2017. However, reactions to his testimony have been divided, with some supporters of Biden questioning the credibility of his claims.

Supporters of the Biden family say that Bobulinski’s history of sharing his story with the Trump campaign and multiple media outlets has also raised concerns, in their minds, about his motives and reliability for some reason.

Nevertheless, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs is currently conducting investigations to verify the information provided by Bobulinski and other sources.

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