UN Officials Block Real America’s Voice Correspondents from Filming US Military Site in Panama

During their investigative journey in Panama, Real America’s Voice correspondents Ben Bergquam, a proud citizen of the United States, and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, hailing from Mexico, were confronted by United Nations officials. The duo, on a mission to shed light on activities surrounding a US Military installation, encountered resistance when attempting to capture footage of buildings marked by the United Nations logo.

The area is littered with buildings, which house NGOs that are suspected of  aiding in what many Americans see as an “invasion illegals” over the US Southern Border of the nation.

Despite their intentions to document the area surrounding the US Military base, the correspondents were met with directives from UN officials prohibiting them from filming certain structures. The incident, a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding international security and transparency, underscores the challenges faced by journalists in accessing sensitive locations for reporting.

Stay tuned as Real America’s Voice continues to uncover the truth behind global military operations and the intersections of sovereignty and accountability. WATCH as the story unfolds.

WATCH the viral video of the footage:

According to a website for the Naval Activity:

All U.S. military forces left Panama at the end of 1999 in accordance with the Panama Canal treaties. However, the Pentagon continues to enjoy access for military flights into and out of Panama on a contract to transport cargo and passengers daily between Honduras, Panama, and dirt strips in Colombia. The Naval Support Activity Panama City (NSA PC) is still active and well funded.

The primary mission of NSA Panama City is to provide, operate and maintain facilities; provide defense and physical security of critical infrastructure; provide operational support to the Fleet, Fighter and Family and supported commands.

Major tenants include Naval Surface Warfare Center-Panama City Division, Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center, Navy Experimental Diving Unit and U.S. Coast Guard Station Panama City. Together, NSA PC employs more than 4,000 civilian and military personnel with an annual payroll of more than $466 million. Additionally, the base contracts for local goods and services, which amounts to more than $600 million annually in economic impact.

Throughout its existence, NSA Panama City has continued to evolve to meet the demanding requirements of the U.S. Navy – to defend today and to plan for tomorrow in response to national needs.

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