Panama’s ‘Mt. of Betrayal’: Cartel Ops and UN Funds Revealed in Lurid Display of Used Condoms

During his recent expedition through Panama and the treacherous Darien Gap, Ben Bergquam uncovered damning evidence of a betrayal against the American populace. This betrayal reveals a stark reality: the American people are unwittingly funding a vast global migration into the United States.

This revelation comes amidst a heated national debate over government funding, with Republican leaders advocating for resources to fortify national security and border control rather than perpetuating Democrat policies that undermine American liberties by fostering a chaotic immigration system.

Accompanied by his colleague Oscar El Blue Ramirez, Bergquam embarked on this mission under the auspices of Steve Bannon’s WarRoom program on Real America’s Voice, seeking to document the humanitarian crisis fueled by the United Nations Global Compact for Human Migration.

Atop the notorious “mountain of death” in Panama, Bergquam unveiled a harrowing truth: a labyrinth of betrayal orchestrated by cartels, abetted by the United Nations and NGOs.

Amidst a landscape littered with used condoms, wristbands, and discarded IDs, Bergquam exposes a sinister operation fueled by American funding.

As migrants traverse treacherous routes facilitated by color-coded wristbands dictating their journey, the collusion between global powers and criminal syndicates becomes glaringly evident.

Bergquam’s firsthand account sheds light on a dark nexus where human lives are traded for profit, with the collaboration of governments and charitable organizations. This chilling narrative underscores the urgent need for accountability and reform in immigration policies.

Throughout this week, Bergquam, Ramirez, and Bannon have tirelessly worked to enlighten the American public about the collaboration of NGOs and non-profits funded by the US Government in enticing individuals to navigate the dangerous Darien Gap in hopes of reaching the United States via lax border enforcement policies.

The question is, where are the humanitarians to stop this?

The following footage is graphic:

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