INVASION: Treacherous Mountain, Apprehension of Illegals, Shows Daily Grind for Border Patrol Pt. 1

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice (RAV), filmed a live apprehension by Border Patrol of a group of illegal invaders in a rugged mountain area in New Mexico.

Bergquam was on location at the Southern Border with Mexico, where law enforcement struggles to maintain control in an area where a border fence is desperately needed.

A 29-foot limestone statue of Jesus Christ is also atop of Mount Cristo Rey, which has not only brought faith Christians from both sides of the border- but also criminals who use the land’s vulnerability and the lack of security fencing- as a corridor.

“People that are into the drug smuggling and alien smuggling use this as a corridor to bring people across because there is no fence,” Ruben Escandon Jr., spokesperson for the Mount Cristo Rey Restoration Committee, told media.

“Even though it is a treacherous terrain, they still make their way and this is an area that Border Patrol monitors,” Escandon said.

Escandon said people come up on a weekly basis to damage and/or graffiti the monument.

Bergquam pointed out that the land behind Mt. Cristo Rey in Sunland Park, New Mexico, is also home to a 2.5-mile open gap in the wall.

The U.S. Border Patrol combats the exposure by utilizing resources such as sensors, horse patrols and ATVs.

Bergquam narrated the scene where he was jogging when he saw a man being pursued by a helicopter.

“This just happened as I was climbing Mount Cristo Rey just outside of El Paso, Texas in Sunland Park, New Mexico. This is the truth Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas and the mainstream media don’t want you to see. Biden’s Border invasion is only getting worse! Border Patrol told me they were chasing 40 but the rest went back across the mountain to try again later. This is what these guys deal with every day as Democrats continue to allow more illegals into our country!” Bergquam wrote along with posting his video footage.

KSAT reported more details about the area, adding that Escandon, who is also a third-generation volunteer, said despite the additional support Mt. Cristo Rey has received, they have still seen a serious increase in crime in the area.

“We have to be armed because of past incidents that happened with robberies and assaults,” Escandon said. “I know it’s a stretch to pull up this multimillion dollar wall up there or fence to protect immigration, but I think for our purposes it would protect the monument.”

Here is more footage of the area from 2018:

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