Exclusive Interview! ‘Illegals Are On My Doorstep’, One Border Resident Told Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, interviewed an American activist who has been battling his independence in a town near the Southern Border. “Exclusive interview with American Hero Tim Foley of ArizonaBorderRecon.org. Expose the left!,” wrote Bergquam to describe the following video. In the video, Foley describes a situation from earlier in the day … Read more

Bergquam Smashes “Commie Fact Checkers,” Says “If You Like Being Poor Keep Voting For Democrats”

On his way home from investigating along the Southern Border, Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America, has a message for the fact-checkers at Instagram who disputed his story about the price of gas under Democrats. “It was considered false information for leftist fact-checkers that gas prices here are high. These gas prices are because of … Read more

Explosive! Water Drops! How Activists On Left Assist Drug Smuggling Into America- Ben Bergquam’s Live Border Footage

Ben Bergquam is the founder of Front line America and an investigative reporter for Real America’s Voice who has been filming documentary evidence along the Southern Border between the United States and Mexico of a human Crisis for America. Bergquam’s investigations with area law enforcement prove that Democrat Joe Biden administration and far-left non-profit groups … Read more

Is The Leftist Luthern Church Committing Treason By Helping The Drug Cartels In Arivaca Arizona? Ben Berquam Asks The Question

Ben Bergquam is on the Sothern border between the United States and Mexico, investigating the disastrous open border policies of enabling human trafficking and drug-running into the United States. In this video, he shows live footage of what he callsthe “Belly of the Beast” for drug smuggling over the border and shows us who is … Read more

EXPOSED: It Stinks! Here Is How You Know The Environmentalists Don’t Really Care About Anything But Politcal Power- Ben At The Southern Border

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for Real America’s Voice, has been on the Southern US Border with Mexico bringing viewers live coverage of the issues that most of American Media are too afraid to report on, including emotional, cultural, and financial disasters that stem from Democrat Joe Biden’s Open Border … Read more

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