‘This Is For The Battle Of America- Time for People to Stand Up Against This,’ Pulls Down Smuggler’s Rope From The Wall-Bergquam Shows Border Crisis Where Others Won’t Go

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and an investigative reporter for Real America’s Voice, has been bringing Americans scenes from all over the Southern Border of the United States to show concerned citizens the real consequences of the Democrat’s open border policies, that are creating layers of human tragedy in the United States and … Read more

Bergquam Live On The Border: ‘Police In Tijuana And Their Families Threatened By Cartel Because Of Democrat’s Policies’ Pt. 2

Ben Bergquam was on the Southern Border in Tajuana Mexico on Thursday investigating a series of fire bombings against Mexican Police offices who are being threatened by Drug cartels for trying to protect the US Southern Border from criminal invasion. “We spoke with some police who can not be on camera who told us that … Read more

SHOCKING! Bergquam On The Border: ‘The American Left Has Turned Tijuana Into An Autonomous Zone’ Pt. 1

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, a reporter for Real America’s Voice, and a frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s war Room Pandemic published a Livestream video on Thursday from Tijuana, Mexico that should convince Americans to demand changes in Democrat US Border Policy. Bergquam discussed the situation in Tijuana where two police cars had … Read more

Human Remains Found At The Border By This Activist, Left Is Not Concerned About Rape- Ben Bergquam On The Border

On the Southern Border of the United States near Mexico, Americans are getting used to see untold human tragedy caused by a mass influx of illegal aliens coming to America because of Democrat Joe Biden’s open border policies. “With Tim Foley of ArizonaBorderRecon.org on the Arizona border where he recently found human remains. Also, the … Read more

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