Smarter Than USA: Based Poland Leaders Do Not Care About the Left’s ‘NGO Political Theater’, Illegals Are Not Welcome There

What do Polish leaders know how to do that American leaders do not know how to do?  Protect the country they were elected to protect! What do Polish leaders know about lefitst NGOs and radcial Marxist organizers, that American leaders do not know? They know to ignore them! Check this footage out, posted by Frontline … Read more

But Walnut Creek Has A New LGBTQ Police Chief, So How Did This Crime Spree Happen?

Organized crime is out of control in America after many communities suffer the consequences of the Democrat-led campaign to defund police departments around the nation. However, in one California community, with the introduction of their first LGBTQ police chief who is concerned with the Community’s needs for social justice- and relationships, things are not going … Read more

‘Shifty-Schiff’ Proves DC Has Privilege To Lie

Americans are learning a tough lesson right now while watching as grassroots activists face the FBI’s brute force at their homes after participating in political activism.  Reality is setting in that members of the US House of Reps are allowed to lie, exaggerate and instill panic in the population- and American citizens are not allowed … Read more