Graphic Verbal Attacks On Conservative Women- Rick Wilson’s Melt Down Continues, Goes After FLOTUS Trump And MTG

Failed political strategist and Never Trumper, Rick Wilson is the sweetheart of the Administrative State, and he is at war with Conservatives- especially  Conservative women. On Tuesday, Wilson, who claims to be a Republican, yet who supports radical far-left Democrat Joe Biden, verbally attacked Melania Trump, former First Lady, in a sleazy show of how … Read more

Redistricting! NC GOP Fight ‘Insane Dem Expert” Who Plays Ultimate Race Card In Desperate Plea For Control

Ahead of historic 2022 mid-term elections and primaries, North Carolina, which went for President Donald J. Trump in 2020, but somehow ended up with Roy Cooper-the most radical far-left Governor in the country, is going to court over elections maps that could direct all public policy for generations.  ABC News reported on the trail in … Read more

Communist Olympics Under Scrutiny From Around The World

The 2022 Winter Olympics, to be held in Bejing, China, have yet to start, and already people are very unhappy about the behavior of the host country, for their long time and historical practices of harming humanity.  The American Marxist left is barely at all concerned, while much of the rest of the world is … Read more

Biden Is Just Not That Into You America: Unprepared East Coast Gets Hammered By Snow Storm- Where Was The Warning?

When Democrat Joe Biden talked about the dark winter of our discontent, he may not have understood how his weak leadership would result in his own pain and discomfort. Considering how the snowstorms have blasted the east coast this week, people should see a cautionary tale about who they vote for to run the government.  … Read more

Christians Showing Defiance To The New World Order Against Christianity

The following story highlights the persecution of Christians from two different denominations, in three different countries. One Protestant preacher in Candada, a group of Catholics in France, and a Catholic Priest in the United States- all rebelled against their governments at Christmas time and should serve as a cautionary tale for the Christian Church in … Read more