Exclusive: CCP Presence In Panama While Chaos Builds

Ben Bergquam and Michael Yon were in Yaviza, Panama, on the scene to talk live to Steve Bannon in the War Room and tell the audience about the details of the rapidly unfolding crisis of a massive human migration that is heading into the United States. The people Bergquam and Yon saw in the Darrien … Read more

CALIFORNIA HELL: Intense-Crazy High-Speed Chase: Disrespect For Police Built This [VIDEO]

After a summer of riots to bring to completion the left’s utopian dreams of defunding and transforming law enforcement in the United States, by defunding local police departments- crime and disrespect for police is on the rise.  So is illegal immigration, drug deaths, crimes, homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. The transformation, into a lawless world, … Read more

Real Insurrection: Teacher’s Union Head Talks About “War” Over Parental Rights Bill

There is little left to be shocked about in American culture these days. The left has successfully transformed American institutions into places of worship for their humanist, anti-Western Civilization concepts, mantras, opinions, and indoctrination. So this story should not come as a shock to most Americans, but it is noteworthy to see how far out … Read more