PROOF:Open Borders Dragging Violent Criminals Through Mexico To USA

Oscar El Blue Ramirez is a Mexico correspondent for Real America’s Voice. He recently appeared with Steve Bannon on the War Room Program to deliver some exclusive news about the state of immigration between Mexico and the US and how Mexico has designed a go-around to eliminate the unwanted agitators. But unfortunately, they are coming … Read more

CHOOSE ONE: Wake Up Call To Audit The Fed Or Sonic Boom To End Fed?

One US Senator sounded the alarm bells more loudly than anyone else in government over the infiltration of the Chinese Community Party (CCP) in our financial affairs. Rob Portman’s timing is perfect because his wake-up call over the multipronged attack on Americans from the Federal Reserve, or ‘The Fed’ is happening around the same time … Read more

ENEMY WITHIN! Dan Rather, Propagandist Since JFK, Mocks Trump Raid

Disgraced Dan Rather, 90, has been using media to propagandize his anti-liberty, anti-American message for generations, as one of the fossils of the Mainstream Media (MSM). Rather is a vicious and nasty tool of the left that attacks the idea of freedom and liberty constantly, turning this week to Twitter to mock concerned citizens who … Read more

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