Bergquam’s Questions Make Rep. Tlaib Get Nasty, Freak Out on her Staff, and Call the Police [VIDEO]

Ever Since the terrorist group Hamas went on a murderous rampage against innocent men, women, and children in Israel in what appears to be a sadistic Jihad against citizens, one radical far-left US Rep from Michigan with ties to the group has been calling for Holy War against Americans on our ground- and also freaking out at anyone who questions her loyalties or common sense.

But if anyone questions her, she gets very delicate and loses her composure. That is not good for a sitting US Rep.

The footage below shows Tlaib freaking out at Bergquam and calling the police on him.

Bergquam notes the police are there and stays to talk to them as they leave Tlaib’s office. As they clear Bergquam for reporting, they do remind him that he is ok to do what he is doing as long as he doesn’t impede the house members, but he is allowed to ask questions and report from the hallway.

Here is what Bergquam reported:

“These people, like this Rep, need to be held accountable. We need an army of people doing what I am doing every single day,” Bergquam said.

Rashida Tlaib, who considers herself a “Palestinian,” has been questioned by Real America’s Voice, Bergquam, over her allegiances- and in return, Tlaib has been freaking out on Bergquam.

Here is some of what he saw:

“Jihad squad” member Rashida Tlaib screams at me and then her staff after I confront her on her support for Hamas. Censure is a start, but it isn’t enough! How have we gotten to a place where we allow people to represent our government who are actively working against it?

Secure our borders and deport all terrorist sympathizers,” Bergquam reported.

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