NC Governor Candidate Mark Robinson Goes ‘Warrior Mode’ About Michelle Obama’s Tokenization of Black Voters

NC Republican Candidate for Governor, Mark Robinson, who is currently the Lt. Gov., appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to slam the most recent interview of Democrat Michelle Obama, who gave remarks about how Democrats view the current state of politics. The speech was generally seen as a way of throwing the ‘Obama hat’ into the ring for the 2024 Presidential race.

Robinson had a few things to say about that, which are really remarkable to see the shift in political speech on the topic of Black Voters, a topic we cover frequently on Frontline America:

“The Democrats are moving us downward in prosperity. Black folks are seeing that they’re not falling for it anymore. They’re tired of being used as political pawns. And Joe Biden has been the king of this. And his sorry administration has affected Black communities all across this nation,” Robinson said recently in a direct poke at Obama’s recent comments.

Robinson is polling ahead of all over candidates for Governor at this time, according to pollster, Richard Barris:

Robinson expressed concerns to Waters about the Democratic Party’s plans for the country while emphasizing the Republican agenda to restore the nation’s greatness, criticizing Democrat Joe Biden for various reasons, citing a perceived failure to address critical issues, including border security, energy production, and military rebuilding.

Robinson highlighted a disillusionment among voters, particularly in the Black community, alleging unfulfilled promises and the use of minority groups as political tools by Biden’s administration.

“Let’s face it, things like social media and our Internet have shown the American populace have shown the world that the big three don’t rule anymore. Those big three stations that everybody used to go to for their news, and quite frankly, black folks are just not falling forward anymore. Every two years, every four years, every six years. These elected officials come around as promised, the moon in the stars all day long. They don’t deliver any of the promises that they make. They don’t keep any of their promises. In fact, they are moving us backward in time,” Robinson told Waters.

So- Obama’s comments were unsatisfactory to Robinson.

Robinson posted a clip of the interview with Fox Host Jessie Waters, where he shared his opinion about Michele Obama’s re-entry into politics this week and the general tactics the Obamas uses to reach Black voters:


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