BREAKING! AZ Sheriff: Border is ‘a Total Shat Show’, Why We Need Trump Back Now

Ben Bergquam, a correspondant for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, has been anticiaping the breakdown of our immigration process for years and has been brave enough to show the details to the Amerian people, so they could prepare for the wreckage of Joe Bidens dangerous immigration polices.

And he was right- however, it is still alarming to see the danger we are in unfolding, and truely there is only one way out of this Hellscape and that is to vote for people like President Donald J. Trump, and to get him back into the White House- to stop this disaster.

The solution is voting. If this footage scares you – get ready to vote and get others to go with you to vote.

Our nation is no doubt in decline, and there is only one way to save it- go vote for America first candidates:

“Breaking footage from the I 10 freeway west in Pinal County, Arizona. Another load of illegals caught, thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies! When I asked the sheriff deputy who caught them how bad it was now, his exact words to me were: “It’s a total shit show! You could just about throw a rock now and hit a load vehicle.” God bless Sheriff Lamb and all of the law-enforcement agents across America, who put their lives on the line every day to try to stop Joe Biden and the Democrats border invasion!,” Bergquam reported.

“More crazy footage from Jonathan! Cartels don’t even care anymore! Noticed the guy with his back to the camera. That is the cartel coyote. He is filming them because that’s how he gets paid,” Bergquam reported.

What else is happening?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R- GA) has called for a “national divorce” between Democratic and Republican states in response to the escalating standoff over migration at the Texas border. This suggestion is not new, as Greene has previously advocated for splitting up the United States along political lines. The dispute between GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the federal government has intensified, with Abbott continuing to install razor wire at the border despite a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the federal government.

The issue highlights the deep division between Democrats and Republicans on immigration, and there are fears of the National Guard being federalized, leading to concerns about loyalty and potential talk of civil war. Greene’s proposal has drawn criticism, even from fellow Republicans, and the situation has become a focal point in the ongoing debate over immigration.

The GOP’s charge against the Biden administration is intense. Republican Governor Abbott’s refusal to back down in the border standoff is receiving widespread support from Republicans, while talk of a bipartisan deal causing a rift between the Conservatives and others in the GOP.

The GOP’s urgency over a broken border, espicially after a questionable Supreme Court order last week is tying up bipartisan deals.

Some Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader McConnell, are trying to salvage the deal. Democrats accuse Republicans of causing chaos at the border by rejecting immigration packages and funding for resources.. Abbott’s strong stance is raising questions about the future of the battle between Texas and the federal government over immigration enforcement.

Abbott argues for Texas’s right to take immigration enforcement into its own hands, while Democrats, including Rep. Joaquín Castro, call on Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard.

There is a growing constitutional argument and differing perspectives on immigration policy, with immigration being ruled by the Supreme Court as the exclusive domain of the federal government.

This is a very dangerous time for the country and it isnt really a surprise how we got here.

We got here because the Amerian people have been refusing to be vigilent over their own liberty for a very long time. We need people to go and vote in the next Primary and General election.

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