International IDs Dumped at US Border Shows Immigration Fraud Surge, Open Border Policies Bring in the CCP

The Democrat Biden administration and the state of Texas are in a clash over immigration enforcement, with federal officials renewing demands for Texas to grant Border Patrol access to a riverfront park used by illegal invaders.

Texas, led by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, has installed razor wire in the park, escalating tensions with the out-of-control Democrat regime that is demanding that borders stay as open as possible to allow the least restrictive path into the United States.

Last week, the Supreme Court delivered a shocking blow to national security and allowed US Border Patrol to cut the wire. Texas seized control of the park, denying entry to Border Patrol agents.

The Department of Homeland Security sent a letter demanding access to the park, prompting a defiant response from Abbott.

The dispute adds to ongoing tensions over lax immigration policies that favor the Globalist UN Global Compact for Migration that President Donald J. Trump had rescued the United States from, which Joe Biden hurled America back into.

What we know from the reporting of Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, is that Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are assisting illegals all along the process, from leaving their homes to getting into the US and then setting up their new lives here- for us to pay for.

Bergquam’s newest report is breaking news evidence that NGOs are, in fact, helping people invade our country.

In a startling revelation from a journey spanning San Diego to McAllen, evidence of widespread immigration fraud has emerged, shedding light on the exploitation of open border policies under the Biden administration.

Discoveries from three locations, including California, Yuma, Arizona, and Louisville, Arizona, showcase a global network of individuals attempting to enter the United States under dubious circumstances. IDs from countries such as India, Peru, Guinea, China, Greece, Ukraine, Ghana, Senegal, Turkey, and Argentina were found, along with currency from various nations. The alarming trend includes Permanent Resident IDs from Mexico and Spain, indicating a deliberate attempt to conceal certain immigration statuses.

According to Bergquam, who documented the findings, the dumping of IDs serves strategic purposes. Individuals with prior asylum status may discard their documents to reapply, while those posing as family units may jettison IDs that do not match. The influx of money from diverse nations suggests a lucrative market exploiting migrants who believe they will need significant funds upon reaching the US.

Then, Berguam reported that he received breaking information from the Customs and Border Patrol, revealing a document written in Chinese found in California. The document, linked to the organization “Al Otro Lotto,” details locations and scripted responses for Border Patrol encounters and exposes the group as a “communist leftist illegal immigration organization.” The document even provides addresses for different locations in California.

Critics argue that such organizations are undermining the nation’s security and engaging in immigration fraud. Calls for the prosecution and defunding of such groups have intensified, with allegations of involvement in creating fake marriages to perpetrate immigration fraud. The whistleblower’s discoveries underscore the need for a comprehensive reevaluation of border policies and a crackdown on those aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

The Biden administration faces mounting pressure to address these revelations and tighten border security to curb fraudulent activities. Critics assert that lax immigration policies contribute to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and facilitate the operations of organizations like “Al Otro Lotto.”

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