“We are Americans,” Asking to Speak to Trump: Black Voter Support in Chicago Turns Away From Democrats Over Illegal Privilege

Republicans in Chicago have a chance to win some elections due to growing disillusionment with the Democrat party, according to a group of former Democrat activists who went to the mics to tell the Democrats that their time to win supporters is over.

And the group knows they want to talk to President Donald J. Trump, who has already proved what he will do to help them:

“Republican candidates in the city of Chicago now is your time because we are done with the Democratic party.
We don’t have to support the Democratic Party. We don’t have to continue to support people who are not going to support us. Here in this industry is not supported. You got the Republicans and Democrats on the other side, guess what? We will not continue to allow our state representatives, our congressmen and our mayor – act this way, they are not gonna show up and tell us we don’t matter,” one woman said at a press conference:

The group is upset about the amount of funding being spent on illegals and want to talk to President Trump, saying they are Americans and deserve resources before illegals:

The MAGA movement is happy to welcome them into the fold, and to share their concerns about an out-of-control government supporting an invasion that will destroy the Black Community:

The betrayal of the American people is just outrageous- here is more footage:

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