Red Populist Dragon Rising: Mass Courage to Battle Communists Delivers Taiwan, Inspired by America First Agenda

The liberty and freedom of Taiwan, the Chinese people, and the American people are tied together, and the recent victory in Taiwan over the brutal dictator of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should unify a powerful Populist movement that could be the long-awaited death blow to Global Tyranny.

The message for Americans to fully grasp is that we need to stop doing business with the Communists and end their brutal, racist, oppressive domination over humanity. Our role: We need to demand our government stop idolizing the Communists.

Our partner in this movement is the New Federation State of China, and here is their message, they don’t want the CCP either:

That is all the more reason to support a Patriot Economy and an American small business- the backbone of the America First agenda and all of the people who say that Democracy matters- need to cheer on the dismantling of the enemy of Democracy- the CCP in such ways.

THINGS TO UNDERSTAND: Taiwan’s electoral victory has implications for the Chinese Communist Party, and it is about the United States too.

In the recent electoral triumph, Taiwan has once again demonstrated its commitment to democracy and its people’s right to self-determination. The election results significantly affect Taiwan and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its aspirations. As the political landscape in the Taiwan Strait undergoes shifts, understanding the consequences of this victory is crucial.

On Friday the winner of the Taiwan election was celebrated:

Lai Qingde delivered a speech on the three major significances of winning the election. According to the Epoch Times, on the evening of January 13, 2024, the Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin announced that they had won the 2024 presidential election of the Republic of China. Lai Qingde then delivered a speech and talked about the three major significances of winning the election.”

The Electoral Outcome: The election in Taiwan has yielded a decisive victory for the ruling party, reflecting the electorate’s endorsement of current policies and leadership. The win underscores Taiwan’s determination to maintain its democratic values and resist external pressure.

Challenges for the Chinese Communist Party:

  1. Democracy Prevails: Taiwan’s commitment to democracy starkly contrasts the CCP’s one-party rule. The electoral success in Taiwan showcases the appeal of democratic governance and people’s desire for political freedom, challenging the CCP’s narrative of a single-party system.
  2. National Identity: The election outcome also reinforces Taiwan’s distinct national identity. The majority’s support for leaders advocating for Taiwan’s sovereignty emphasizes the island’s resistance to assimilation into mainland China and complicates the CCP’s goal of reunification.
  3. Global Perception: Taiwan’s successful electoral process enhances its international standing. As a beacon of democracy in the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan’s achievements serve as a counter-narrative to the CCP’s authoritarian model, potentially influencing global opinions about the two systems.
  4. Security Dynamics: The electoral results may impact regional security dynamics. Taiwan’s commitment to self-defense and its efforts to strengthen alliances could complicate the CCP’s strategies in the Taiwan Strait, leading to increased geopolitical tensions.


The Chinese Communist Party is likely to respond to Taiwan’s electoral victory with a mix of diplomatic posturing, propaganda efforts, and potential military posturing. The CCP may seek to downplay the election’s significance while emphasizing its commitment to reunification.

Looking ahead, the dynamics between Taiwan and the Chinese Communist Party will depend on a multitude of factors, including international responses, regional stability, and the evolving political landscape on both sides. Taiwan’s electoral success is a reminder that the island’s people are dedicated to preserving their way of life, and the implications for the CCP will unfold in the complex interplay of regional geopolitics.

New Federal State spokeswoman Nicole Tsai appeared on the War Room program to break down the details with host Steve Bannon to give a Chinese perspective.

Tsai told Bannon that from her point of view, In the face of significant pushback and threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Taiwan has achieved a resounding victory in its recent elections.

Tsai talked about the ruling party’s presidential candidate, William Lai, secured a total victory despite CCP’s military intimidation and economic coercion. Lai, a hardliner advocating Taiwan’s independence, received overwhelming support, emphasizing the island’s determination to resist assimilation into mainland China.

Bannon and Tsai discussed a lingering issue for people to be aware of, which was support for the legislative side of the election, which indicated a potential split, with the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) not securing more than half of the seats. Pro-CCP parties, including the Kuomintang (KMT) and People First Party (TPP), could collaborate to influence legislation, posing concerns for anti-CCP measures.

Tsai made sure to emphasize that the victory in Taiwan holds global significance, showcasing the success of a vibrant democracy under constant CCP pressure. Despite the CCP’s attempts to block news about the election, Taiwan’s people courageously voted against the CCP’s favored candidate, demonstrating their commitment to freedom and resistance to intimidation.

The outcome is expected to escalate the CCP’s aggressive actions, including naval and air blockades and economic coercion. The international community, especially the United States, is urged to show strong support for Taiwan. The Taiwanese people’s defiance serves as inspiration, highlighting the resilience of a small island against the world’s most powerful dictatorship. The victory reinforces Taiwan’s geopolitical importance and underscores the need for global recognition of its independence.


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