SHUT IT DOWN! More Deaths Due to the Democrat’s Fake “Humanitarianism”

Democrats want people to believe that they are moral and good people. Because of that weakness of theirs, which is easy for power-seeking politicians to exploit, the left’s political idols have been given government posts they have no skills to be able to run well- and now our country is falling apart.

And to make it worse- people are dying with the false belief that the US border is open for everyone and easy to cross.

Recent data about dead migrants:

MSN is reporting the details of the most recent deaths:

Three people, including two children, drowned in the Rio Grande River near the border city of Eagle Pass, Texas, while seeking asylum in the United States, a congressman said Saturday.

The Justice Department told the U.S. Supreme Court Friday that Texas had seized 50-acre Shelby Park from the city of Eagle Pass, forcing agents from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection out.

But it is not just deaths that are the tragic part of the problem of the Democrat’s insane approach to our border problems.

We wrote about the recent calls to shut the government down over the exploration of humanity that our border crisis is causing:

Look no further than the US Southern border for the evidence of the Democrats and their fake cries of being humanitarians, which is really doing nothing more than allowing human trafficking, allowing drug cartels to enslave desperate migrants, and – killing them too.

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real AMerica’s Voice, called out our elected leaders recently over the border, asking who would be willing to shut down the government until the border is addressed- and none of them were helpful:

Here is what they are allowing. Check out the updates about some recent deaths caused by people believing they should risk their lives to cross the US border illegally.

Where are the Democrats to say that we should stop driving people to our borders to die?

A family of migrants from the State of Mexico drowned last night in the waters of the Rio Grande near the International Bridge Two.

A group of migrants asking for help was reported to the 911 emergency number, and upon arriving at the scene, the Sedena, National Guard, State Police, and Firefighters realized that there were at least five who were at risk.

The military entered the channel and managed to remove five migrants, but unfortunately, a woman and her two children no longer had vital signs.

The victims were identified as Virterma de la Sancha, 33 years old, and her children Yorlei Rubi and Jonathan Agustín, 10 and 8 years old, respectively. Even though they were given cardiopulmonary resuscitation, they no longer responded. In addition, Mónica de la Sancha Cerros and Víctor Antonio Briones de la Sancha were rescued alive.

The bodies of the family were left lying on the grass of Paseo del Río until personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office arrived and ordered their transfer to Semefo for the legal autopsy and identification. So far this year, six migrants have already died, five of them drowned and one in a road accident, in this border area, while last year the figure totaled almost 240 deaths.

The bodies of the family were left on the grass of Paseo del Río after being recovered by elements of the Sedena. Two migrants, a woman and her nephew, also relatives of the fatal victims, were rescued and treated by paramedics.

Henry Cuellar- a Democrat, issued a tear-filled statement.

“This is a tragedy, and the state bears responsibility,” Cuellar said.

In the statement is a bunch of drama that does nothing to stop the problems we face- which is an out of control government.

The park is a major crossing point for migrants trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico and has been the focus of Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s aggressive attempts to stop illegal crossings, known as Operation Lone Star.

Many people said that Abbott’s approach is not aggressive enough- and they want the government shut down until the problem is solved.

People crossing the Rio Grande have been killed when they were swept away by swift currents. Over the summer, the state deployed buoys covered in razor wire into the Rio Grande to deter migrants from crossing. A court ruled the state had to remove the buoys.

THIS is a brilliant smackdown of the globalist agenda for our border that shows the problem with virtue signaling:


Virtue signaling refers to the public expression of moral or virtuous beliefs, often for the purpose of gaining approval or demonstrating one’s values. While expressing virtuous beliefs is not inherently negative, there are some potential issues associated with virtue signaling:

  1. Insincerity: One of the main criticisms of virtue signaling is that it may be perceived as insincere or opportunistic. If individuals or organizations express moral beliefs solely for social approval without genuine commitment to those values, it can be seen as disingenuous.
  2. Hypocrisy: Virtue signaling can lead to accusations of hypocrisy if the actions of the signaler do not align with the values they claim to support. People may question the authenticity of the expressed beliefs if they are not reflected in behavior.
  3. Lack of Action: Merely signaling virtue without taking substantive action can be seen as superficial. Critics argue that some individuals or entities use virtue signaling as a way to appear socially responsible without making meaningful contributions or changes.
  4. Polarization: Virtue signaling can contribute to polarization by creating an environment where individuals or groups publicly align with particular moral stances, leading to division rather than constructive dialogue. It may discourage open discussions about complex issues.
  5. Dilution of Meaning: Overuse of virtue signaling terms or symbols can dilute their meaning over time. When everyone signals virtue without meaningful actions, the impact of genuine efforts to address social issues may be diminished.
  6. Attention-Seeking: Virtue signaling can be perceived as a form of seeking attention or validation. When individuals prioritize publicizing their moral stances solely for recognition, it may overshadow the importance of addressing the actual issues at hand.

While expressing moral beliefs is not inherently problematic, the key is to ensure that such expressions are aligned with genuine actions and a commitment to positive change rather than serving as performative gestures for social approval.

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