Defund Deadly NGOs: New Urgent Message From “Mountain of Death”

Another message was received to the American people to stay vigilant over their lawmakers this week as they meet to discuss funding the government amid growing tensions over keeping it open.

At issue is how the government pays for ‘Woke” policies while ignoring increased violent crimes as a result of lax border security.

The newest message comes from the Mountain of Death, in the Darien Gap. It is the third of a series of messages urging the American people to hold the US Government accountable for funding NGOs and nonprofits that are causing the border disaster.

The “Mountain of Death” refers to the inhospitable and treacherous terrain along the border between Colombia and Panama, particularly in the Darién Gap region. This area is known for its dense jungle, rugged terrain, swamps, and rivers, making it extremely difficult to traverse.

The space has earned its ominous nickname due to the dangers posed by its environment, including harsh weather conditions, venomous snakes, insects, and the presence of armed groups involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling.

Despite its challenges, migrants often attempt to cross this region on foot in hopes of reaching North America, often facing significant risks to their safety and well-being.

This dangerous jungle region is a topic that Bergquam has covered in the past:

Ben Bergquam, a WarRoom correspondent who is the host of Real America’s Voice “Law and Border,” sent a message from the Darien Gap on Wednesday morning:

“More used UN condoms on the top of the Mountain of Death, the border between Colombia and Panama on one of the routes through the Darien Gap.

*More to come when we get out! Hold the United Nations, the NGOs, the Cartels and the Democrats accountable! #JoeBidenDidThis

Bergquam’s investigations have uncovered NGO spending on condoms; instead of law enforcement along the migrant route, they are enticing women and children to journey along on their way to the US:

As we have covered, Steve Bannon’s WarRoom has been urging Americans to contact their Reps to demand that the Government be held accountable for funding these groups that are doing so much damage to humanity and to our nation’s borders:

Here is more information on demanding Congress stop paying for these groups:

And also the latest from President Trump about the escalating crime that faces the American people if the government does not act to close the US border:

Real America’s Voice, WarRoom program has been a champion of the victimized men and women on both sides of the border, who are prey to the UN Global Compact for human migration, and the NGOs who are profiteering from the misery they are causing with open borders.

Follow Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, for more on the looming government shutdown discussions as the left tries to keep funding the NGOs:

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