Trump Proved Himself: ‘God’s perspective on current events in Black America’ All Because of a MAGA Hat

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump, who says he is ” an Ambassador of the kingdom of God” shared some good news with Real America’s Voice correspondent, Ben Bergquam, and addressed what he saw as the division in America, particularly in Little Rock Arkansas, and especially within the black community when it comes to the 2024 election.

“Trump exposed hatred and racism in American’s hearts,” Aaron Agnew told Bergruam when the two met at a local airport and shared a quick interview after exchanging comments about Bergquam’s Trump hat.

Agnew, a former supporter of Barack Obama became a vocal critic of Obama and that administration, arguing Jesus is the true hope for America and Obama didn’t do anything Godly for the Black Community when he was in office.

However, after seeing Trump in action and discovering his religious heritage, the believers’ perspective on Trump changed from non-support to full-support, saying that Trump’s presidency exposed racism in America.

Agnew told Bergquam that he prays for America’s salvation and supports Donald Trump due to Trump’s lack of political connections and ability to stand against the odds.

“The main message that we preach this Christ, and Him crucified. But I like to do news from a new man perspective. If any man be in Christ, he’s a new creature old things are passed away behold, all things have become new. So, for us, we always like to get news from the Biblical perspective,” Agnew said, adding:

“As believers, we ought to see situations. And so it’s very controversial sometimes because when you talk about how God looks at things, it’s total opposite of the way man looks at things.

I grew up in a black community. I went to a historically black college and university I graduated from a black high school, actually Little Rock Central High. And I found out that I was born again, and I became a new creature. And so as a new creature, I had to put black back and I had to come on the line with God with light. And so, as new creatures, we can’t be black nor white because in Christ Jesus, there is no black or white. And then, I had to go back to when President Obama ran for office; before he ran for office, I was a big supporter of him back when he was in Chicago, but then the Lord changed my life. And when the Lord changed my life, he showed me that I was supporting someone who was against him.

So when Trump first got on the scene, I wasn’t a supporter of Trump. I’ve always voted righteously. I never vote. Party. I never vote for president. I vote righteously. So I’ve Oh God. And in voting for God, I was able to vote the right platform. Everybody doesn’t stand on the right place. But you still have the platform. And so when we voted on the platform, I did not support him until he got into office. When he got in office. He was doing everything that the believer should have been doing. And that just changed my view of what I’m supposed to be looking at.

So I researched Trump, which I should have done in the first place. And I recognize that President Donald Trump’s his grandmother’s name is Elizabeth Christ. True. And when I saw that, I said, Wait a minute. She was saved into Wales Revival in Wales, and then his father, who was born from his grandmother, is Frederick Christ Trump. And so Trump has a lineage of people who believe in and know the Lord Jesus Christ. And he was basically a prodigal son,” Agnew told Berguam.

The whole interview is great to watch!

“I ran into Aaron Agnew at the Little Rock airport after he commented on my MAGA hat and shirt. Here is part of what he said: “If America is going to have any chance at all, we better vote for Donald Trump!” – Aaron Agnew of New Man’s News Network,” Bergquam wrote introducing his new friend.


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