UN’s Illegal Migration Causing Environmental and Humanitarian Crisis in Poor Villages

Reports on Feces-Ridden Village, Bergquam Blames Biden Administration

In a chilling report from an undisclosed village, Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice, who arrived by helicopter, uncovered a harrowing scene of environmental degradation that is causing a nasty humanitarian crisis.

“Just landed helicopter actually helicopter still here,” Bergquam said, setting the tone for the grim account. “We came to the village, beautiful, beautiful village. But just like everywhere in the area wherever this invasion is happening, this is what you’re left with.”

Bergquam’s focus was on the desolate landscape, which he described as tainted by feces and garbage. “Right here. This is the legacy of Joe Biden’s open borders feces,” he exclaimed. “I just stepped in feces and sludge, feces and garbage and Paradise.”

Blaming the current administration for the dire situation, Bergquam didn’t hold back. “Go Joe Biden, Kamala Harris all of you. That is your legacy right there,” he declared, underlining the severity of the issue. “It’s at least three feet deep here and back in the back there. It’s probably about six to seven feet deep. All the feces and garbage.”


The village had become a dumping ground due to the absence of effective waste management solutions. “They just keep piling it up here. This is nowhere else to put it they burn some of it and then they just keep piling and piling and piling it up,” he explained.

Expanding his criticism to include broader entities, Bergquam indicted open border policies and various organizations for the dire state of affairs. “That is the legacy of the United Nations of Catholic Charities of Joe Biden and Barack Obama,” he asserted.

However, beyond the environmental disaster, there are broader implications of the border situation. What also is highlighted in this saga, is the erosion of sovereignty and its impact on quality of life, national security and the international order.

There are multifaceted challenges faced by small communities, just as Bergquam showed, affected by what he termed an “invasion,” serving as a stark reminder of the tangible consequences of failed immigration policies.

The prblems that a mass migration has on already marginalized people is motly ignored by the people who profit the most from the current situation.

Groups like the US and US NGOs who are making a lot of money providing aid for the people who are damaged by the very situation that the US Government is actially causing.

The danger that people are in, as a result of the United Nations driving people all over the world, is of critical importance and impacts important sovereignty for both domestic security and the stability of the international system.

This is the exact reason we need President Trum back in office to fix this mess, as we covered :

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