[VIDEO] Affirming LGBTQ+ Comes From Common Core-Competencies, DEI, and Transforms American Superpower into Paralysis 

It is not a mystery how America, a superpower, has fallen into Hell with our children being obsessed with their confusing and emerging sexuality. The tactics to convince our children that they are homosexuals and transgenders are right in our faces, often crippling them, causing them massive mental health crises, and destroying the safety nets of the family- and there is no excuse anymore not to understand the origins of this problem- and be ready to fix it for the good of our nation.

We are being forced to walk this path and that is not our birthright.

The evidence of the problem, where it is coming from, and how to get rid of it- is easy to find. I even reported on a video I easily took of my local Wake Co. North Carolina PTA, in 2021, showing a transactivist from a nonprofit instructing school officials and LGBTQ parent allies to “go around the parents” to affirm a child’s chosen pronoun. (The video of those exchanges are below in the article.)

This article is the long story of how our nation is being ruled by those very same kinds of social justice activists- from their positions of social justice nonprofits, which have no federal oversight-and which renders our nation incapable of being grown-ups and protecting our own kids.

Pronoun advocacy by school officials is happening around the nation, it is part of the “protect the feelings of trans and gay children” policies, which have grown out of leftist social justice activism and resulted in the transformation of American schools. It all started in the late 1990’s.

What started with Pink Triangles, then as safe places for children to express their gay feelings, has become a highly abusive situation for all Americans who are being forced to show that they accept and affirm homosexuality and transgenderism.

And affirming actually is so much more than accepting. What they want is for us to be focused on their sexual choices as the main pursuit of our own lives.

Understanding the problem begins with understanding the left’s idea of “Equity” and how schools now have “Equity Departments”, and it is massively funded national initiative now, with the Biden administration.

Here are the results:

school district in Kansas published a gender support plan that appears to show that a student’s gender identity can be hidden from their parents. Teachers are told that avoiding the use of preferred names and pronouns can lead to a student’s death, according to Fox News, adding:

“The Wichita Public Schools’ gender support plan asks several questions to learn about the privacy of a student’s gender identity and their access to certain facilities.”

One question in the plan asks, “Are the guardian(s) of this student aware and supportive of their child’s gender transition?” Other questions ask how public or private a student’s gender identity will be and who the student’s “go-to” adult at school will be.  The form also requests information regarding which bathroom and changing room the student will use.

Fox News also reported on the consequences of these stealthy policies:

“California mom confronts school district after 11-year-old changed genders without her knowledge Aurora Regino says elementary school helped daughter transition under ‘parental secrecy’ policy.”

California mom is outraged after her daughter’s school district upheld a “parental secrecy policy” allowing school officials to offer gender counseling without informing parents.

Aurora Regino said her 11-year-old daughter’s elementary school in the Chico Unified School District helped her transition from female to male during the last school year. Still, a guidance counselor kept her in the dark during the entire process.

“During one of the meetings, my daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. They ignored her request and did nothing to support her in letting me know what was going on at school,” she told board members at a meeting last Wednesday.

How did we get here?

What started in the early 2000’s with programs like Common Core, which had a built-in secret door requiring a child to prove competency to accept homosexuality, with stealthy policy creators like the Smater Balanced, has turned in to permission to deny parents their rights over their own children.

Social justice warriors, who said they were protecting vulnerable children from suicide over their gay and transgender sexuality, pushed a demand on all other students that they confirm they have accepted homosexuality- and that concept has grown into a demand that all people have a dominant pursuit of affirming homosexuality and transgenderism- over our own national security and economic prosperity- in education, medicine, law, and public policy.

Activists now, in places like Tennesee, demand that politicians devise laws so that free citizens must constantly affirm LGBTQ and transgenderism.

The LGBTQ community, even when one of them has shot and killed Christian children, demands to be affirmed and have their beliefs and feelings focused on by others.


A 2013 paper by the National Institute of Health, a division of the US Health and Human Services, spelled out the direction that the federalization of government was going:

Somewhere along the line, people decided that protecting the feelings of some people was more important than protecting the rights of other people.

And here we are, a society divided by social justice uprisings, fighting to keep families together and unable to focus on the American Dream anymore.

It was all a Marxist-Lefist- Democrat plot for dominance and control.

Common Core was the “Trojan Horse” for allowing third parties nonprofits like Smarter Balanced into school systems, away from parents, to create a curriculum under the idea that they would protect the feelings of gay and transgender children. They moved the needle all the way to eventually infringe on the rights of all Americans who were opposed. That creation of policy was hidden from parents with the nationalization of education.

Consider this lesson plan: “Three Steps to Incorporating LGBTQ+ Learning in Your Classroom.”

“Educators play a unique role in helping students feel accepted for who they are. By sharing the achievements of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Plus (LGBTQ+) community and why we celebrate Pride Month, you can help students better understand and accept all individuals while creating a safe and inclusive environment.

People paying attention to the left’s Marxist, anti-American escalations- knew even in 2012 when lawmakers were ringing the bell about the future of schools outright spending time, money, and resources to get children to focus on becoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Conservatives paid attention to people like Van Zant, who exposed the schemes.

In 2001, with the nationalization of education under President George W. Bush, who pushed radical leftist- Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind on us- many conservatives were guessing that the left would take the opportunity to create chaos for the nation when even then, parents were alarmed by pink triangle zones in elementary schools- saying the school was no place to be focused and obsessed with sexuality. And they were right.

They even called it the “Seed.”

We were warned:

A Florida state lawmaker argued in 2012 that new Common Core tests have a more sinister goal: to “attract every one of your children to be as homosexual as they possibly can.”

“I really hate to bring you that news,” Rep. Charles Van Zant, a Republican, added at an anti-Common Core event in March.


Now we are focused on making it pleasant for all of our children to be homosexual and transgender. Van Zant was mocked and trashed for bravely speaking out there- and he was right, and here is proof:

Now, in 2023 we hear that everyone must affirm homosexuality, and affirming transgenderism means you must accept it and not question it, even when you see it ripping your child’s life apart and making them unable to pursue a healthy future.

The transactivists’ stealthy demands started in school by betraying the ultimate trust parents placed in school officials – and now the left has weaponized schools with massively funded Departments of Equity that are filled with foreigners and social justice activists pushing the controlled demolition of a once great nation- starting with our children.

Many people do not understand the origins of such bizarre and anti-American ideas as ‘transgenderism’- which happens with a captive audience of young people who are not being protected from social justice activists, and few people are brave enough to report on the deceitful policy and activists who are destroying our nation.

And when people are brave enough to report, parents are often paralyzed to accept what is happening.

Our children have been brainwashed and taught to be obsessed with sexuality and nothing else, and now there is no were to go to avoid the pressures to focus everything on other people’s sexual choices and their sexuality.

Now it is in our faces- and people are showing they do not like transgenderism- as evidenced by the Bud Beer story.

Yet, that outrage has not precisely translated to schools- yet.

Recent media reports show that teachers are, in fact, helping children change their pronouns and become gay or transgender, as Van Zandt bravely pointed out in 2012.

“A California high school teacher has boldly confessed that she helps students change their gender identity — without their parent’s knowledge.

“My job, which is a public service, is to protect kids,” Olivia Garrison told the New York Times about helping students socially transition at school.

“Sometimes, they need protection from their own parents.”

Social transition describes the process in which a person adopts the name and pronouns that align with their gender identity, rather than the gender they were at birth,” The Daily Mail reported in January.

Garrison, who is nonbinary, teaches history at Del Oro High School in Bakersfield.


In 2021 I video-tapped a Public PTA meeting for Wake Co North Carolina, and reported on it, from my school district, where school officials were being instructed by a transgender person to “go around parents” to affirm a child’s pronoun choice. The transgender person came from a nonprofit and was instructing parents, teachers, and school officials on how to affirm transgender children, saying that it was unjust when the parents didn’t affirm the child.

The PTA meeting was under the direction of the new Department of Equity head, and “change leader” Derrick Byrd, a former president of Wake Co Council of PTAs and a 20-year veteran of NC Health and Human Services.

Kori Hennessey from the Raleigh LGBTQ Center, a nonprofit, was the guest speaker.

A local parent who raised a question about the training over pronouns was removed from the Zoom call for not affirming Hennessey’s opinion. Then both a parent and a school official spent time affirming the transactivist.

This is a public meeting and none of the presenters feel at all worried about talking about pushing parents out of the way of their children- that is how bold they have become.

This series of videos perfectly explains how Common Core, which allowed nonprofits to be elevated by Equity Departments, has so much power on the issue of transgenderism and other sexual fetishes:

That is how far the anti-Western Civilization movement, the globalists, have moved our culture into a laughingstock of people who are obsessed with nonsense.

And the demands to accept sexual fetishes in even young children have grown so oppressive that the public is about to explode over the unfairness of being forced to focus on people’s sexual choices.

Consider the Bud Beer Boycott story:


In 1998 while doing work on a “strategic study for Ciriculum” with a school district in Fairview PA I learned after a year of volunteering with the school district that somehow, small groups of outside interests were going to be allowed to put pressure on school boards and other school officials to create lists of competencies that would be placed on children, including a competency to prove a tolerance to homosexuality.

What I learned later after I decided to homeschool my children and no look back, was that I was part of a pilot Common Core program. I homeschooled my children until this year- for 25 years to avoid what I now see everywhere in American society.

I was aware of the other people who were speaking out against what I personally witnessed.

We were warned, as a society in 2014 that Common Core Competencies were going to become recruitment tools for homosexual lobby, the anti-Western movement.


In 2014 when Van Zandt spelled it out and Vice confirmed it all- showing the progression of how the left created this problem for us- even as they denounced his claims:

“How Van Zant came to believe this — a story that starts with Florida changing its testing system, takes a detour into a rumor far more interesting than reality, and ends with the argument that the Common Core will turn kids gay — is a tour through the origin of a conspiracy theory.”

  1. The Common Core state standards are a list of what students should know and know how to do in reading and math each year. Along with the standards themselves, states are adopting new standardized tests to evaluate what students have learned.
  2. Florida was once part of a group of states working together to create Common Core assessments. But as the Common Core got more controversial, Florida dropped out of the state consortium and decided its students wouldn’t take the shared test after all.
  3. Instead, Florida’s education commissioner picked the American Institutes for Research to develop its new standardized tests.
  4. The American Institutes for Research uses scientific and social science research to measure the impact of policy change. It’s analyzed everything from factors contributing to rising college costs to the effect of sentencing changes in Indiana. It’s also working on Common Core assessments for Utah, as well as developing technology for another Common Core test that many states will use.
  5. It’s hard to imagine a group less likely to end up at the center of a red-meat conspiracy theory. Even by nonprofit standards, AIR’s work is pretty unexciting — it focuses on data and analysis and can seem impenetrably boring.
  6. One of the many other topics AIR researches is at-risk kids, including LGBT youth. Its experts have written guidelines for how schools can support LBGT students. Among them: promote “healthy peer connections,” “enforce nondiscrimination policies,” and provide appropriate training for staff members.
  7. This is a very small portion of the work AIR does. Fewer than 10 reports, toolkits and other resources deal with LGBT youth, of the hundreds of projects the nonprofit has worked on. It’s also separate from AIR’s work on assessments.
  8. One AIR researcher who studies social development recently wrote A Guide for Understanding, Supporting, and Affirming LGBTQI2-S Children, Youth, and Families. The guide, produced as part of a contract with the Department for Health and Human Services, provides an overview of the coming out process and suggests ways that teachers, social workers and others can support young people who are LGBT, questioning, intersex, or two-spirit, a Native American term for an alternate gender identity.
  9. Van Zant — as well as Common Core critics in Utah in 2012, who made the same accusations about AIR — misinterpreted the nonprofit’s advice on supporting LGBT youth as gay advocacy, or even as encouraging children to become lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Looking back now- who does it look like was right?

I wrote an article back in 2021 about the influence of the transgender lobby on the nation as far as the military goes- the influences are everywhere, and not many people have put together that this whole thing started in our public schools with the idea that we have to protect the feelings of the gay and transgender children- who are not even old enough to be sexual yet.

We could stop this nonsense- but that would take a bunch of grown-ups to do hard things like stop voting for Democrats and people who enable them.

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