Unbelievable! Bergquam Looks For “Opressed Voters” At Leftist Voter Rights Rally And Smashes Leftist’s Racism

On Saturday, Ben Bergquam attended a rally in Austin, Texas, organized by Community Organizer William J. Barber and former presidential candidate “Beto” O’Rouke. The theme was Voter’s Rights and the speakers and participants spoke about protesting people who were oppressed and had their votes suppressed. “We couldn’t find one person at the rally who would … Read more

EXPOSED! Feds Process Foreigners Who Can’t Speak English With Weird Documents, No COVID Tests [VIDEO]

Ben Bergquam reported on Friday from the Southern border with a Spanish-speaking translator and exposed a wild discovery! The pair interviewed a Spanish-speaking immigrant. The man, whose name was not given, told Ben and Ben’s interpreter the shocking, first-hand testimony about being an asylum seeker and the type of documentation they were receiving to be … Read more

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