Maskless Biden Proves That ‘Return To Normal’ Is A Privilege For Democrat Elite

Democrat Joe Biden was seen over the Thanksgiving holiday break-out shopping in an exclusive Nantucket boutique and maskless at a time when Americans are facing oppressive mask mandates as well as the dire consequences of his disastrous leadership. Biden was out celebrating his freedom, while Americans at home were facing mask and vaccine demands- out-of-control … Read more

Maxwell Trial Opens Monday, Answers Expected To Questions About Alleged Spying

Opening statements in a long-awaited Glislaine Maxwell trial that is expected to last six weeks begins Monday, Nov. 29.  Four, now-grown, women will take the stand and testify against Maxwell, prosecutors have said, about being sexually abused as children. Maxwell faces six criminal charges related to the alleged sex trafficking of minors. Key Point: One … Read more

Expect Republicans To Run On School Choice Issues In 2022 And Win

Public education has been successfully disrupted by the left, but their control over the United States population has been broken in ways usurpers of schools may have never imagined.  With all of the powerful political attacks on the average American by the Democrats in power, the average person may not have noticed that the left … Read more

Steve Bannon Warns Jan. 6th Comish: ‘Discovery Goes Both Ways’

Steve Bannon’s lawyers filed a motion on Thursday to put him on offense in his dealings with Nancy Pelosi’s corrupted January 6th Commission, as is his signature move when he is dealing with corrupted power. Bannon is turning the tables on the Democrats. Bannon made his most significant move yet- after pleading not guilty to … Read more