AmFest: Bergquam, Greene and Bannon, “The Liars On The Left Are Not Going To Win” Against Them

Ben Bergquam is a long-time associate and friend of US House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. A brave Populist warrior, Greene has told people- including War Room Pandemic audiences and political icon Steve Bannon- that Ben is one of the best journalists and pundits she knows. “Follow this guy,” Green said, pointing to Ben. “Support him … Read more

Pfizer Deaths: The Science You Cannot Question Is Religion

A drugmaker has officially shown no concerns for the deaths of humans as a result of their money-making shots that are being forced upon the people of the world. In contrast, government officials have officially linked the death of young people to a dose of Pfizer’s COVID shot. Key Point: For the greater good!  This … Read more

Lawfare Gone Wild: Roger Stone Defends Legal Political Activity With His Life And Personal Wealth

Roger Stone is an American political icon who has seen ten presidential campaigns, and Sunday he is sold off some of his iconic political memorabilia from those years of work to fend off attacks from the Marxist Federal Government and their corrupt practice of bankrupting supporters of President Donald J. Trump, called ‘Lawfare.’ Stone’s GAB … Read more