This Kind Of Democracy? Real Insurrection Is The Access Marxist Left Has To Lawmakers And Public Policy

While Democrats are out in force, led by Marxist Left ‘ Non-Government agencies’ (NGOs) and pushing a narrative that they are in danger of losing “Democracy” in our Republic, they are being sloppy and leaving their calling cards all around, so people can start to connect the dots about the actual insurrection that has happened … Read more

Exclusive! MA SOS Calls People Crazy: ‘Jan 6 Vigil For Democracy’ At Old North Church Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]

Democrats appear to believe they can speak things into existence so that if they say America is a Democracy- we just magically become a Democracy. People who live in reality know that America is the Constitutional Republic, or some people say a Representative Republic. Then why do Democrats insist we are a Democracy? Because that … Read more