Blacks Replaced! Social Justice Warriors Want Work Permits and Rights for All Illegals- Right Now!

Advocates Call for Work Permits for All Undocumented Immigrants and DACA Applicants

As typical, under the guise of “emergency!” social justice warriors are exploiting a situation to push for more of their Utopian dreams for America where they get to erode even more of the rights of US citizens.

Community organizers and social justice warriors, including Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, are urging for the extension of work permits to all undocumented immigrants this month. The push, led by local organizations under the banner of “Cities for Action,” seeks to provide legal work options for both recent arrivals and long-standing illegal residents in Chicago.

And this is proof that Black Americans are being replaced in a major American city.

We, at Frontline American, have been covering the pushback to these unjust government policies in Chicago calling it the “The New Freedom Movement” which former Democrats in Chicago’s Sanctuary are embracing:

In a meeting with community groups recently, Mayor Johnson discussed plans to send a letter to Democrat Joe Biden, supported by several American mayors, advocating for expanded work permits. This initiative, they claim, “aims to offer meaningful pathways to economic stability for all residents, irrespective of their citizenship status”; however, it ignores the people Ben Berguam, host of Real America’s Voice- Law and Border, is talking to, as seen in the interview below.

The social justice campaign’s call for inclusivity resonated strongly with Democratic participants, who stressed the importance of “supporting the rights of undocumented individuals as fundamental to workers’ and human rights.”

During a discussion hosted by the Chicago Urban League, participants shared personal testimonies, including that of Mariana Gutierrez, a DACA applicant who highlighted the challenges she faces in accessing employment opportunities due to her citizenship status.

However, concerns have been raised about the impact of these efforts on the Black American community in Chicago, with some feeling marginalized and displaced in the workplace and broader society. This sentiment echoes the legacy of the original Chicago Freedom Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Jackson.

In a recent interview with a Civil Rights leader, it became evident that many Black Americans in Chicago are unhappy about the changes affecting their rights and status. This sentiment reflects broader concerns within the community about their place in society amidst ongoing social and political shifts:

Just as we have been reporting for some time, there is a push to issue rights to illegals- which will in fact replace the sovereign rights of US Citizens:

The city of Chicago, grappling with an influx of illegals alongside a significant “undocumented population”, underscores what the movement’s focus is- “the urgency of addressing the legal barriers preventing individuals from contributing fully to society.”

Advocates for illegals stress the importance of prioritizing the processing of DACA renewals and extending work permits to all undocumented immigrants as part of a broader effort toward comprehensive immigration reform.

We know from more of Bergquam’s reports that Black communities are feeling very uncomfortable about the elevation of illegals in their area and the loss of opportunities for them in their own long time community:

More of our coverage:

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