Pro-Life Candidates Cleaned Up Virginia In Massive Rebuke To Death Merchant Democrats

Republicans in Virginia ran hard on a prolife platform after the diabolical and horrifying behavior of Democrat Governor Ralph Northam. Northam celebrated the slaughter of innocent human life and disturbed the consciousness of Americans everywhere. On Tuesday, in Virginia, voters pushed back against the left, very hard, and elected pro-life candidates after a decades-long campaign … Read more

Football Mom Uncovered COVID Incompetence, Used Legal Moves To Force Schools To Let Son Back In School Before Last Game Of Season

Moms of football players know to not mess around with their son’s dream of playing on game day. But imagine if your son’s school was forcing your son to miss school over a false positive COVID test so that he couldn’t even attend the weekly football game. Terrible, right? Imagine if the school then, forced … Read more