Treasonous “People’s War”: Trevor Loudon Tells Bergquam How BLM & CCP Used COVID To Change The 2020 Election

Ben Bergquam interviewed, author of White House Reds, and public speaker, Trevor Loudon from CPAC about his concentrated work on the dangers of ignoring the Chinese Community Party’s (CCP) rising power and authority in the United States of America. Berquam focused his interview with Loudon on the CCP’s involvement with the COVID virus and what … Read more

After A Week In Tijuana, Bergquam Debriefs The War Room Pandemic, ‘This Is The Crime Of Our Generation’

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline American, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Tuesday and talked about his week-long experience in Tijuana, recording what he calls a human trafficking crisis on the Southern Border. “CNN is breaking news that the White House has released the February data of 100,000 encounters on the Southern Border,” … Read more