Exclusive! Is Border Patrol Sending COVID Positive Illegals To Rodeway Inn? Live Reports From Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for Real America’s Voice, along with Will Johnson, founder of UniteAmerica First brought compelling evidence to the public about the potential for a deepening human health crisis on the Southern Border.  “I was interviewing a Border Patrol Officer and asked him what frustrated him the … Read more

Exclusive, Shocking Footage Of How Border Patrol Is Being Used As ‘Uber For Cartel’

Ben Berquam, the founder of Frontline America, is back on the Southern border investigating and reporting on the Democrat made human crisis that is a result of Democrat Joe Biden’s open border policies, and while there he caught some shocking footage, that shows exactly how the cartel delivers people to the Border Patrol, who take … Read more

Ben Bergquam, Will Johnson, Anthony Aguero, 3 Independent Journalists Get To The Border And Debrief Americans- Day 1

On Tuesday Will Johnson of Unite America First, Ben Bergquam of Frontline America, and Anthony Aguero of Border Network News, joined forces and collaborated on a trip to the Southern Border to investigate the human crisis that is unfolding as a result of Democrat Joe Biden’s policies, which appear designed to bring people from the … Read more

Time For Populist Revolt Yet? Illegals Will Get Stimulus Checks And Luxury Hotel Rooms At Taxpayer Expense

Some Americans are old enough to remember President Donald J. Trump’s “America First” agenda which he boldly promoted by keeping his promises to assist American citizens over foreigners. The Democrats want people to believe that American voters so wildly hated the idea of helping American citizens that they elected the most historically popular US President, … Read more