S.O.S. from the Darien Gap: Congress Urged to Cut NGO Funding

An urgent communication from the depths of the Darien Gap underscores the critical need for swift action by the US House of Representatives. It emphasizes the imperative to cease utilizing governmental resources for supporting endeavors that are undermining the integrity of the United States through an influx of illegal immigrants.

The transmission, relayed by War Room correspondent Ben Bergquam, urges supporters to mobilize and communicate with Congress, emphasizing the necessity to halt funding to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This directive coincides with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s discussions with Democrat Joe Biden regarding the dilemma of government operations—weighing concerns over expenditure and border security, potentially leading to either keeping the government operational or initiating a shutdown.

We covered Bergquam’s latest investigative journey in the Darien Gap for Steve Bannon’s War Room on Monday, where it was discussed that Americans are paying for their own demise:

A subsequent message received on Tuesday adds a heightened sense of urgency:

“Defund the NGOs,” Bergquam urges his audience.

The Darien Gap, an unforgiving expanse of dense jungle straddling the border between Panama and Colombia, presents a daunting obstacle to those seeking passage from South to North America. Renowned for devouring unwary travelers amidst its thick foliage and teeming insect life, it remains a realm ventured into only by the most desperate.

Nestled within this harsh wilderness lies a Senafront base—an isolated outpost.

Senafront, an abbreviation for Servicio Nacional de Fronteras (National Border Service), constitutes a vital component of Panamanian law enforcement, tasked with securing and regulating the nation’s borders. In the context of the Darien Gap, Senafront assumes a crucial role in safeguarding Panama’s frontier with Colombia.

We have covered Bergquam’s journeys with the law enforcement group in the past:

The Darien Gap, a rugged, remote, and largely impenetrable region straddling Panama and Colombia, poses formidable challenges to passage. Its inhospitable terrain, characterized by dense jungle, marshes, rivers, and rugged peaks, renders traversal arduous. Consequently, it has gained notoriety as a conduit for illegal migrants, drug traffickers, and other illicit activities.

However, numerous NGOs are providing financial support to facilitate the illegal migration.

Senafront maintains bases and outposts along the border, including within the Darien Gap, to enforce immigration laws, combat smuggling and trafficking, and prevent unauthorized crossings. These installations serve as strategic vantage points for surveillance, interdiction, and aiding distressed travelers.

It is from one such outpost that Bergquam dispatched a message to his followers on Tuesday, advocating for the defunding of groups enabling illegal migration through perilous territories.

Under the cover of night, Bergquam reported the arrival of a group of exhausted and apprehensive men. In a photograph accompanying the message, their wearied faces betrayed the hardships endured. Hailing from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, they shared a common aspiration: to forge a new life in the United States, regardless of the risks.

“Breaking: Amidst the heart of the Darien Gap in Panama, at a Senafront base with just enough signal to share this revelation. Last night, over 50 men from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal were discovered, being smuggled under cover of darkness.

Stay tuned for forthcoming video footage upon our exit from the jungle. Let us hold accountable the United Nations, NGOs, cartels, and Democrats!” Bergquam’s message exclaimed.

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