Former Army Psych Ops Officer Talks About Gas Pump Stickers And “Lets Go Brandon”

Inspiration for activism can come from interesting places. While the assault on our American traditions is painful, Conservatives activists are coming up with very creative ways to vent their frustrations and keep their good sense of humor.  Ac cording to one professionally trained military officer, who has studied the effects of propaganda on the human … Read more

There Was No ‘Golden Shower’, Dems Funded Crazy ‘Pee-Pee’ Tapes To Help Hillary Clinton

One of the most embarrassing things about the 2016 Presidential election was the lengths to which Democrats and Never Trumpers -like Senator John McCain- went to convince American voters that the obviously crazy Steele Dossier opposition research report was a set of accurate data about real things that happened. It is still embarrassing that the … Read more

“This Is Going To Piss You Off, Your Tax Dollars Are Buring On The Southern Border’

Because of a media ‘black out’ by the Democrat Joe Biden administration, the obedient mainstream media refuses to cover what Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real Americas Voice and the founder of Frontline America, courageously shows Americans in his exclusive reporting. Reports that Biden has stopped work on the border wall, which was approved by … Read more