‘We Care About Butterflies Too, So Close The Border Down To Protect Them’, Bergquam Demands Of Biden After Credible Threats

Ben Bergquam has numerous contacts in both the United States and Mexico who network with him so he can bring the American people detailed interviews about how the Democrats are causing a massive increase in crimes, for both countries, using many different tactics and schemes. Here he investigates reporting about illegal invaders coming thru property … Read more

Exclusive: Parent Describes Sex Ed Class, Kids Learn About Anal Beads, Abortion And Taste Of Semen

Public Schools in North Carolina are having a very difficult time keeping the stories of horror and outright sexual desensitization of children coming out of those taxpayer-funded institutions. Parents in many counties are struggling with school officials, who show utter distrain for the parents and those parent’s concerns for the mental and emotional being. This … Read more

Bergqaum: ‘Biden Is Helping The Cartel’- Here is Proof

Ben Bergquam, a lead investigative reporter on the border for Real Americas Voice and founder of Frontline America, spoke with War Room host Steve Bannon last week and exposed the dangerous and corrupt actions being taken by the Biden administration, on the Southern border of the United States. Bergquam posted an interview on Sunday- with … Read more

Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Biden’s Border Crisis Being Exposed By Everyone From Citizens To President Trump

While the Bidens welcome their new Kitty Cat into the White House, last week, and entangled the American media in official stories from the White House about their new pet-the border crisis is escalating and grown-ups everywhere are noticing that Democrats are ridiculous and dangerous. Citizen reporters and activists have been doing the job that … Read more

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