Buh Bye Jack Dorsey, Twitter To Get New CEO

First thing Monday morning, Americans got the news that the controversial CEO of Twitter is expected to step down from his position “in the near term”. Dorsey took over the position as CEO 6 years ago, after helping start the company.  Dorsey has been an on-again- and off-again CEO and was embattled from within over … Read more

AZ Election Eruption: NAACP Says Don’t Vote For Democrat ‘Racist’ BLM Member Katie Hobbs

Far-left radical  BLM member Katie Hobbs, former AZ State Senator, currently, Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of  State, was instrumental in shutting out Republicans from the ballot counting process in the 2020 election.  Hobbs is running for Governor and her campaign just “hit the wall,” so she may have to remove herself from the race- because the … Read more

Expect Republicans To Run On School Choice Issues In 2022 And Win

Public education has been successfully disrupted by the left, but their control over the United States population has been broken in ways usurpers of schools may have never imagined.  With all of the powerful political attacks on the average American by the Democrats in power, the average person may not have noticed that the left … Read more

‘She’s Dying! She’s Dying!’ Trump Supporters Yelled To Police, After Shocking Beatdown At US Capitol

While the US Government is being led by a radical Anti-American Speaker of the House- Nancy Pelosi, Americans are finding out that the Media, the Democrat party, and Never Trumpers are collaborating to push out a narrative about what happened on Jan 6th that doesn’t match eyewitness reports from that day. Instead of Supporters of … Read more