Gaetz Still Hopeful About Jordan as Speaker

Ben Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, reported live from Washington DC on Wednesday. He chased down several stories, including the second vote for Speaker of the House, which ended with 21 RINO Republicans refusing to vote for US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), leaving Jordan short of the 218 votes needed to secure the position.

Bergquam also noted in the video that during that Speaker vote, when US Rep. Tom Cole gave his nomination speech to elect Jordan, Cole called for the US to punish Hamas for a brutal attack on Israel.

Cole’s comments received a standing ovation from Republicans and some Democrats – except for two Democrat civil servants who did not stand with the rest of the US House members.

Bergquam ran into US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) outside of the US Capitol, and the two talked about what had transpired earlier in the day and what Bergquam saw.

“We are trying to elect Jim Jordan Speaker of the House because he will do a great job for us, but right now, we have some Republican holdouts, so we are going to have some conversations with them and get them on board to vote for Jordan,” Gaetz told Bergquam.

Then Bergquam named- names- of those who he noticed did not stand in honor of Israel.

“We supported those comments by our member Cole,” Gaetz said, adding, “We support Israel and don’t want to see any marches glorifying violence.”

But that is not true for the Democrats.

“And right before the jihadist insurrection at the Cannon building in Washington DC today, I ran into @RepMattGaetz. It’s time for everyone in America to call out the enemies within our government! #JimJordan4Speaker,” Bergquam reported along with his video clip of the quick interview.

Watch Bergquam’s footage HERE to see who refused to stand.

Also, see Bergquam’s Wednesday footage:

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