INVASION: ‘Every flight is full of illegals!’ Bergquam Reports Live From Tucson Airport

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, who is the host of Law and Border, has been around the world several times over the past three years to investigate the origins of the massive invasion of illegal immigrants who are being placed deep into the heart of the United States.

We recently reported on Todd Bensman’s investigations into the Biden administration flying huge numbers of unvetted illegal aliens into the country when he appeared on the War Room program with host Steve Bannon.

Recently, Bergquam reported on his investigation of crowded flights from Tuscon, Arizona, and described what was happening as an overabundance of illegals in the airports, just as Bensman had described to Bannon.

Here is what Bergquam reported:

“Please keep sharing this! America needs to see the truth – We are overrun! If we don’t stop it now our country is done. It’s not an accident, this is by design! The traitors that invited this need to be held accountable!” Bergquam posted with his most recent Tuscon report.

Bergquam often highlights the fact that since Democrat Joe Biden has been in office, states, towns, and communities that are far removed from the U.S. southern border are experiencing the dangers of an illegal invasion of people who have bypassed standard immigration protocols.

Here is one of his airport reports from 2021:

Bergquam is one of the very few courageous reporters and journalists who have uncovered the US Government’s assistance in this illegal invasion, as they are flying unlawful immigration around the country.

On Thursday, Bergquam posted more evidence that the taxpayer-funded program to fly illegals around, which we reported on earlier in the week, is happening.

Check out Bergquam’s most recent footage:


Here is more of Bergquam’s investigations:


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