American People Left Helpless to Stop the Unlawful Invasion of the USA -Until Trump Comes Back to DC

Corporate media, which collectively works to protect the bank accounts and the cronyism of DC’s ‘administrative state,’ has lied to the American working-class men and women about the popularity of President Donald J. Trump, who is desperately needed to return to Washington DC as one of the very few politicians who is brave enough to protect the American people from an unlawful invasion over the Southern border.

Trump has made it a campaign issue as a Presidential candidate for 2024 that he plans to deport millions of illegal invaders when he gets back to Washington, DC.

Check out this discussion about Trump’s plan to deport illegals:

And, of course, the people who profit off of an illegal invasion- unlike the average American citizen, are trying to prevent Trump from getting back into office.

Ben Bergquam recently interviewed a New York man who expressed his love for Trump and his desire to see Trump return to DC so people can feel safe again:

Bergquam reported recently on why people like “Money Mike” feel unsafe. It is due to an invasion of people across our Southern Border, and here is the proof that our borders are wide open and that the people feel helpless to stop what they know is putting them and their families in danger.

In the following footage, Bergquam reports that he was driving along the border and didn’t see any Border Patrol secure the area, but he did see some American citizens, and this is what they talked about:

Bergquam also recorded that the Biden administration is building small sections of the wall, which is not stopping anything at all, and doing so with new materials after destroying a massive amount of taxpayer-funded resources- which makes it sound like the entire wall hoax by Biden is a way to misuse more of the tax base on things that benefit only the administrative state:

More of Bergquam’s reporting on the invasion:


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