Quickie: Nadler Beclowns Himself At 2A Hearing

On Wednesday, at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) debated semi-automatic weapon ownership with Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX). Nalder stopped Roy numerous times to question him, sounding bewildered that Roy was suggesting that Americans had a right to defend themselves. MONEY SHOT: “The Second Amendment is designed purposefully to empower the people … Read more

WI Sheriff Exposes Voter Fraud Investigation, Recommends Bigger Investigation

The Racine Sheriff’s Department had a press event on Thursday to expose their investigation into voter integrity during the 2020 federal election. The Racine WI Sheriff said that the election law was “shattered” by the Wisconsin of Election Commission. “They suspended the laws about absentee ballots, and that was illegal,” the lead investigator told the … Read more